01/2010 13/01/2010

Re - Credit of 4% SAD refund in case of DEPB, VKGUY, FOCUS Market scheme FOCUS Product Scheme.

02/2010 13/01/2010

Extension of Export obligation period for the Advance Licence Holders who have imported raw Sugar between 21.09.2004 and 15.04.2008 reg

03/2010 11/02/2010

Import of frozen green peas – regarding.

04/2010 16/02/2010

Classification of artware/handicraft items and composite goods in the drawback schedule-reg.

05/2010 24/02/2010

Verification/ updation of Carrier Agencies and CHA Directories for implementation in ICES 1.5

06/2010 25/02/2010

Practice of assessment of loading the declared value of the imported goods or Revising the declared classification reg.

07/2010 26/02/2010

Public Notice No. 7

08/2010 13/04/2010

Attention of all Importer, custom house agents and members of the trade is invited to the Hon'ble Supreme Court Order in the case of Commissioner of Customs (Preventive) V/s. Aafloat textiles (I) P. Ltd, reported 2009 (235) ELT (S.C.)

09/2010 /03/2010

Assessment / Examination of Prime Steel including Stainless Steel Sheets/ Coils/ Plates/ Tin Plates etc. Instructions – Reg.

10/2010 /04/2010

International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) in case of non-compliance of the ISPM-15.

11/2010 /04/2010

Import of Cosmetics under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Rules made thereunder regarding.

12/2010 15/04/2010

Issue of Customs House Agent License-Reference from field Formation –regarding.

13/2010 22/04/2010

Special CHA written examination for grant of CHA license under CHALR, 2004 to candidates who have qualified under regulation 9 of CHALR, 1984 -Regarding.

Corrigendum of Public Notice No. 13/2010

14/2010 05/05/2010

Brand Rate of Duty Drawback-References received in the Board regarding Old claims -reg,

15/2010 30/06/2010

Written Examination for ‘G’ card of Custom House Agents employees, holding “H” cards under Regulation 19 of CHALR-2004 scheduled to be held on 30.06.2010.

Corrigendum of Public Notice No. 15/2010

16/2010 10/05/2010

Courier Import and Exports (Electronic Declaration and Processing) Regulation, 2010

17/2010 29/06/2010

Guidelines for Assessment and Examination of goods on weighment basis Under the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962 regarding.

18/2010 /07/2010

Amendment of working hours of A.V. Joshi CFS reg.

19/2010 /07/2010

Allocation of Staff to Seaports for 24 x 7 operations –Reg

22/2010 29/07/2010

Implementation of Indian Customs EDI System 1.5 (ICES 1.5) at CH, Mundra -regarding

23/2010 30/07/2010

Implementation of Indian Customs EDI System 1.5 (ICES 1.5) at CH, Kandla -regarding.

24/2010 29/07/2010

It is brought to the notice of all Importers, Exporters, CHA and other concerned that the procedures for online movement of documents had been prescribed vide public.

25/2010 02/08/2010

Classification of Aseptic Packaging paper - reg.

26/2010 02/08/2010

Import of "Worn Clothing-Instructions regarding.

27/2010 03/08/2010

Refund of 4% Additional duty of Customs (4% CVD) in pursuance of Notification No. 10212007-Customs dt, 14.09.2007-Disposal of claims in Respect of cases where assessment are provisional reg.

28/2010 04/08/2010

Launching of the Indian Customs EDI System(ICES-1.5) at MP & SEZ, Mundra(INMUN1) : M/REG.

29/2010 09.08.2010

Launching of the Indian Customs EDI System(ICES-1.5) at C.H. Kandla-regarding.

30/2010 .08.2010

Refund of 4% CVD (SAD) in terms of Notification No. 102/2007-Customs dt. 14.09.2007 by re-crediting the DEPB scrip / Reward Scheme
Scrips – regarding.

31/2010 .08.2010

Import of goods under Notification No. 13/2010-Customs dated 19.02.2010 for Commonwealth Games-2010 regarding.

32/2010 .08.2010

Import of goods under Notification No. 13/2010-Customs dated 19.02.2010 for Commonwealth Games-2010 regarding.

33/2010 .08.2010

Extension of ACP Programme to Export Houses / Trading Houses Regarding.

34/2010 07/09/2010

Import of goods under Notification No. 13/2010 -Customs
Commonwealth Games-2010 regarding.

35/2010 07/09/2010

Export sugar against Advance Authorisations issued from
17.02.2009 to 30.09.2009 -Reg.

36/2010 30.08.2010

Disposal of Unclaimed and uncleared Cargo – matter regarding.

37/2010 .09.2010  
38/2010 .09.2010

Refund of 4% Additional Duty of Customs (4% Special CVD) in pursuance of NotificationNo.102/2007-Customs dated 14.9.2007 – Applicability to manufacturers in textile sector - reg.

39/2010 .09.2010

All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback 2010-11 reg.

40/2010 09/10/2010

Examination under Regulation 8 ofthe Custom House Agents Licensing Regulation' 2004 to be held on 03.11.2010.

42/2010 .11.2010 Illegal use of satellite phones in India- reg.
43/2010 .11.2010 Regarding Foreign Trade Policy(FTP), 2009-14- reg
44/2010 .11.2010 Revised Form of Bond to be furnished for availing duty exemption under Advance License and EPCG Schemes – reg.
45/2010 02.11.10 Registration of Vessel Profile for the MP & SEZ, Mundra in ICES 1.5.
47/2010 .11.2010 Enforcement of statutory measures (Phytosanitary requirement) for import of food grains before release of consignments by the Customs authorities – regarding.