F.No.S/20-02/2010 Appg(G) 

PUBLIC NOTICE NO.36/2010 DATED30.08.2010

        Sub: :- Disposal of Unclaimed and uncleared Cargo – matter regarding

Attention of all the Custodians is invited to Board’s Circular No. 50/2005 – Customs dated.01.12.2005 and Circular No. 52/2005 – Customs dated. 09.12.2005, on expeditious disposal of unclaimed / uncleared cargo under Section 48 of the Customs Act, 1962.

2. Regulation 6 (1) (m) of the Handling of Cargo in Customs Area Regulations, 2009 clearly stipulates that the Customs Cargo Service Provider (CCSP) shall dispose off in the manner specified and within a time limit of ninety days, the imported or export goods lying unclaimed / uncleared or abandoned provided that the period of ninety days are extended by the Commissioner of Customs by such further period as may be allowed on sufficient cause being shown for delay in the disposal.

3. In view of above legal position the responsibility for disposal of unclaimed / uncleared goods rests with custodians appointed under the provisions of Section 45 of the Customs Act, 1962 read with Handling of Cargo in Customs Area Regulation, 2009 and such disposal is to be carried out within the time limit of ninety days. Due to non disposal of unclaimed / uncleared goods within time limit, substantial revenue gets blocked. Hence, all custodians are required to dispose off all the unclaimed / uncleared goods, which are lying uncleared since ninety days or more.

4. It has been noticed that the custodians of unclaimed / uncleared cargo are not making sufficient efforts to dispose off unclaimed / uncleared cargo for which auction needs to be held on monthly basis. It is therefore impressed upon all the custodians that they should arrange for auction in time bound manner and all cases of unclaimed / uncleared cargo should be disposed off within ninety days or such extended time, as the Commissioner may allow. Extension of time limit shall be sought only in exceptional cases, for which sufficient reasons / grounds for delay in disposal have to be furnished by the custodians.

5. All the custodians shall follow above provisions scrupulously without fail.

Encl.: As above.

(D. S. Negi)

Copy to,

1. Traffic Manager (Shipping), Kandla Port Trust, Kandla
2. M/s. Aditya Container Freight Station Pvt. Ltd., Mithi Rohar, Gandhidham.
3. CWC, CFS, Kandla
4. CWC, CFS, Gandhidham
5. CONCOR, CFS, Khari Road, Gandhidham
6. All the Container Freight Stations at Mundra Port & SEZ, Mundra
7. All Additional / Joint Commissioner, Customs House, Kandla / Mundra / Bhuj
8. All Deputy / Assistant Commissioner, Customs House, Kandla / Mundra / Bhuj
9. All Deputy / Assistant Commissioner (Disposal), Customs House, Kandla / Mundra / Bhuj
10. Notice Board.